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We are a highly sought after Branding and Graphic Design Agency located in Charlotte, NC.  Over the last two years, we have we have assisted Six Figure Business Women by creating design systems that set them apart from other professionals in their industry. 

EDELLE Brands features cutting edge designs that will help capture your ideal client. Our skilled team will  create content that your audience will immediately recognize. This happens by us creating continuity with your colors, typography, style and more.

We have assisted celebrities & multi business owners in reaching their targeted customers and maximizing their brand visual impact.


During this process our clients experience continuous open communication, while providing an immediate turnaround time and a strong backend system to make their experience easier and stress free.

As a result, EDELLE Brands has successfully produced refined visuals to fit our clients vision and goal to create a positive impact on their business. In addition to that, our clients have attracted a high end clientele.





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