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EDELLE Brand Package O1

EDELLE Brand Package O1


Businesses that are starting their brand design for the first time. We will create strategy, cohesiveness,  and a unique design system to set you apart from other professionals in your industry. Clients will also be able to add on individual collateral assets that will fit best with their package. This package covers all brand needs when your branding for the first time.


Non-Refundable deposits are optional

Brand Identity

Full Logo Design Suite (All variations)

Color Palette & Typography Files

Brand Guideline

Brand Manual








We require high quality/resolution  photos for our website design service. We will not accept selfies, screenshots of products, or low resolution photos. If your in need of a photographer please contact us at, if your concerned about your image quality please feel free to submit them here for us to review.



Clients are responsible for all wording content while EDELLE Brands is responsible for the design. We encourage all clients to proof read all wording sent over, we will not correct any grammar or spelling errors. If you are in need of copy services please feel free to take a look at our copyright services here.

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